Music to Spin By: Cozy Friday

Today, we’ve had an April snow. 6″ of April snow. So this is a list of all the things that would cheer me up on a cold, snowy Friday night.

  1. Start Wearing Purple – Gogol Bordello. No, it’s not very Goth. But it is fun. All of Gogol Bordello’s music is fun, and when I listen to it it makes me happy. Give it a try.
  2. The Night is an Ocean – Winter Aid. This person makes some lovely music.
  3. Elegy for a Solitary Year – Jill Tracy. I love Jill Tracy. She’s a brilliant pianist and composer. This is an instrumental piece, an improvisation that is thoughtful and sweet and a little dark. If you need some new Giftmas music, try out Silver Smoke, Star of Night.
  4. Piece for Solo Flute – Dead Can Dance. An old favorite that I have to listen to a couple of times a year or so. It has a breathy, wooden flute sound to it. I doubt that it is, there are ways that you can get a silver flute to sound that way (or a synthesizer).
  5. Wish You Were Here – Rasputina. Somehow it sounds better when it’s played on cellos.
  6. Pink Moon – Nick Drake.
  7. I Often Dream of Trains – Robyn Hitchcock. I used to sing this to BabyGoth to get her to sleep.
  8. Sea, Swallow Me – Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd. This whole CD, The Moon and the Melodies, was also a big bedtime favorite.

That’s about it for today. It was a long, brutal week that felt like all of us at work were on our own. Which we were. Have a lovely weekend and dream about whatever you like best.

Running up that hill

Not just a song title, it’s how I’ve been feeling in my day job lately. I’m more and more unhappy every day; nobody is happy with the things I’ve been doing, least of all me, but I can’t leave. Health insurance and retirement money. So there it is, and I have to deal with stress in ways that don’t involve me getting on the roof and taking out my neighbors. I’m joking about that part. Yes. Joking.

Spinning and knitting have helped a lot. Which leads me to working on my sweater today.

I finally finished sewing up the seams! WHOOOOOO!

I’m so glad that’s over. It was…not as awful as I had thought. There was a lot of encouragement from Twitter this morning when I woke up, so that helped. I also got introduced to Patty Lyons’ YouTube channel, which also helped.

The seaming isn’t that great. The seams are really obvious. But they’re done! And the cardi is almost done, which is a big deal for me. Now I can try it on, which is a little terrifying. This cardigan isn’t designed for short, round like a basketball me. It isn’t. Almost nothing made by humans is. But it’s almost done. If worst comes to worst, I can give it to somebody who actually needs something warm.

It mostly fits. But it’s not done yet. Tomorrow, the collar.

A picture of a gold colored wool sweater draped over the back of a gray couch.
Almost done

New Moon

It’s the new moon today. A new start for all sorts of things.

Today I’m trying to finish my Boreas cardi. I washed and finished another skein and I’m sewing up the rest of the sleeves and the left side. Just a band and collar – and a zipper – to go.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate sewing a knitted garment together? Because I do.

A picture of a side of a gold-colored knitted cardigan.
Yep. It’s a seam.

This week I’m finally going to start working on a cowl. It’s going to be a challenge. My brain won’t allow me to have anything right up against my neck, so it’s a cowl but not too cowl-y, if that makes sense. There will also be either bats or spiders, I haven’t decided which. Maybe some lace to make it longer/keep it off my neck? Hmm. We’ll see.

Family Day in Plague Times

Yesterday was our Family Anniversary. 19 years ago yesterday, we brought BabyGoth home from her first parents. I remember that day, all of it: the shock of seeing that nobody showed up to support her first parents at all, the terror of putting on a set of baby clothes on an actual baby for the first time, the car drive home. All of it.

Our family anniversary and BabyGoth’s birthday are both important celebrations in our house. This year was the first time that she actually suggested celebrating. All on her own with no prompting from other people, I hear. DadGoth made a reservation at a nice restaurant with a big outdoor patio, as she’s not going to be able to come home for the next month.

BabyGoth had an adventure getting to the place, involving 2 trips to the dollar store for a phone cable, an exciting part of the ride where her phone outright failed with the first charger, and her going to the wrong end of the parking lot. But we found each other.

Lunch was good. It’s a surreal feeling having a grown-up conversation with your baby, including the joy that she is trying some hobbies that you loved for almost all your life. I wished that we could have stayed there for the rest of the day.

But she had plans, and it was time for the three of us to go.

It felt a little like the end, like the last time we’d be able to celebrate our family anniversary all together. Last year we celebrated at home – takeout from an Italian restaurant, and board games. In the past year, BabyGoth graduated high school and started her first year at college, and began the final stages of moving away from us to start her own life.

We didn’t become an official family in our state’s eyes until 6 months later. That wasn’t nearly as big a deal as our placement day, and we don’t make as big of a deal about it. This was a big, life-changing day. There’s a lot more about that day, but that’s something I won’t be sharing. Happy family day.

Happy Pesach/Easter/Candy Day

Good morning/afternoon/evening/tomorrow. I really am going to write more this spring. My brain is finally cooperating and not being an asshole to me, which helps. I am done mourning a certain knitting site, which is not the only playground in town, didn’t always exist, and I don’t miss that much. So… happy Spring!

We’ve had our Easter Snow, and it’s a beautiful sunny day here in the foothills. BabyGoth is home for the weekend. DadGoth and I maybe getting a vaccine this week (I have an appointment, and we’re working on his). It’s a good weekend.

I am also getting within the end of the Boreas Cardi project. Yes, I am really not enjoying sewing the seams. No, I am still stubborn enough that this will not stop me. And I’m still determined to finish up the Ball of Roving. Plus there are a bunch of other spinning projects I intend to work on this spring/summer.

Here’s some evidence of Spring at last.

A picture of a bright green plant outdoors on a bed of brown  pine mulch. The leaves are narrow and short.
A picture of a package with a chocolate bunny head and two candy eggs inside a brown crocheted nest. There is a pink egg and a blue egg.   They are on top of a green patterned tablecloth.
Happy Candy Day

And here’s a picture of BabyGoth’s Easter candy, from, placed in and around one of my already completed projects. They are a woman-owned company, they make vegan chocolate, and I love both their chocolates and their political stands they take.

The nest was made back when BabyGoth was a actual child. I’ve made a bunch of things holiday-related for her. There have also been tiny bunnies and chicks, crocheted and knitted. I’ll post pictures as I find them lying around the house.

Today’s also the 8th day of Passover, which ends at sunset today. We never really celebrated Pesach while I was growing up, but my Dad still kept up his childhood habits: making matzoh PBJs, matzoh brie on the weekends, matzoh ball soup. Those became at least my habits, even though we never had a lot of contact with his family while I was growing up.

I’ve gotten out of the habit of regular writing. Mostly that means I still have a hell of a time figuring out how to end things. It’ll get better if you hang in there with me, I promise. May you have a beautiful Spring. People may not be able to gather the way we used to, but try to enjoy being outside and enjoy what you can of the world. See you later.