Every guest brings us joy

Well, my mom and dad have come and gone. It was a pretty good visit, as they go. There were lots of good things (I got a ton of useful help cleaning the house) and bad (my dad is not doing even as well as I remember from Thanksgiving, at least physically). Yesterday, we waved goodbye as they took off for MN. Back to what passes for normal.

I’ve started Alena’s sweater; a cardigan, with buttons this time, out of some bulky handspun. I finished the ribbing (about 2″ – she’s big, but not that big) and am up to the main body of the cardi. Everything is meeting up with the recipient’s approval so far. I’m toying with the idea of either a heart or a “girlie skull” on the back, but we’re not quite that far yet.

I also started a crocheted toy, which I’m telling myself is for “the baby”, but we’ll see. I can’t say too much right now, but I can tell you…it’s green.


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