Friday Random 10: St. Patrick’s Day edition

Because I’m just so Irish. Well, at least two of the three of us here are; that’s good enough for me, so.

Time for another Friday Random 10. Start up your mp3 player, set it to random play, and let’s get started…

1. We Both Go Down Together – The Decemberists
2. Hey Hey My My – DEVO & Neil Young
3. In Canada – B.J. Snowden
4. Dreamboat Annie (reprise) – Heart
5. Daffy Duck – The Animal Collective
6. Butterfly Mind – Arcesia
7. Rudy Can’t Fail – The Clash
8. Passion of Lovers – Bauhaus
9. Ping Pong Affair – The Slits
10. Tuesday Morning – The Pogues
Well, even if it is St. Patrick’s Day, at least there’s my second-favorite drunken Irishman to brighten things up. Have a happy, safe weekend.