It’s been a while

Sorry about being away for so long. It’s been a combination of life picking up and not a lot of fiber things to actually show. At least there’s a few things this morning.

First – I entered a Craftster challenge last month, and of course promptly forgot when the deadline was for entering. The challenge was to make something new out of a pair of old shoes or boots. I had originally planned to use Mr. Goth’s old combat boots, but they seem to have vanished. So I used Big Girl’s snow boots from last year. Here’s what they are now:
Yep, it’s a spindle holder. The only ones in there are pretty big, with at least a 6″ shaft. It’s nice to have them out, relatively safe, and accessible.

I’ve been working on Big Girl’s cardigan. The body is done to the armsceye, one sleeve is done, and the other sleeve is up to the ribbing. Since it looks like what it is – a mound of purple pieces – I think I’ll wait for pictures until I have the sleeves both finished and attached to the body.

I’ve also been working, slowly but slowly, on a Jacob fleece I’ve had for a while. An embarrassingly long while. It’s becoming some sport/DK weight yarn, in three separate colors; “black”/chocolate brown, white, and brown/white mix. I think I’d like it to be a sweater for me, but I have no idea what that one will look like. There’s a chart in the newest The Anticraft that I’d like to use. I might save that one for something else.

I’ve also made myself something else to wear. Haven’t decided whether or not to show that one.