Not much here – how about you?

There’s not been a whole lot going on here fiberwise. I’ve started working on a Shapely Tank out of some Berroco Cotton Twist that I bought on sale recently. Right now it’s pretty boring, which is why you aren’t seeing a picture. Black and golden, and the front’s finished. I’m working on a special something for the back of the tank. It’s on the back because I couldn’t bear the thought of doing intarsia and short rows all at the same time. Plus it’s good to have it on the back, where people could actually read it. Ahem.

Then there’s the behemoth that I’ve been working on for a while. It started out innocently enough, as most behemoth projects do. I really, really wanted a nice tablecloth, but I really, really couldn’t afford to buy said nice tablecloth. That’s what started a brilliant idea. My Brilliant Idea was to make a tablecloth. Yep, several years ago – I remember exactly how many years ago it was, but I can’t bring myself to tell you – I went and bought 2 yards of hemp linen from Dharma Trading Company, and the very vaguest of plans.

All these many years later, I have 2 1/2″ of cross-stitched border to show for it. On one end of what is supposed to be all 4 sides. I’m aiming for finishing it before I die.

I’ve also got 2/3 of the way through the Jacob fleece I’ve been working on – all plied, wound off and almost ready to be washed. I’ve been thinking of a project that would use all the yarn from a single fleece, similar to something I’ve seen before. If I can, I’ll try to find it and link to the picture – it’s a sweater from a single fleece. Really impressive stuff.

Oh, and I broke down and bought new glasses this weekend. Trust me, you’ll never see a picture of those.


3 thoughts on “Not much here – how about you?

  1. The Shapely Tank and I have quite an acrimonious relationship. I start it every summer and rip it out every winter. Damned if I know why. The yarn is still waiting for this year’s cast on.

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  3. I know. It’s just so awful – I can’t find the words to express it all. And now, it does appear to be terrorists; there were a couple of other big accidents here that appear to be just that. I think. Thanks for the visit.

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