Making things that light up

I have a question for any handspinner that might be lurking about. Have any of you tried making yarns using conductive thread? I’ve got some vague ideas about either an iPod cozy or a homemade cellphone charger – or a wristwarmer that lights up.

Actually, I’ve seen the light-up wristwarmer, at Spark Fun, but it’s made of fabric and sewn with conductive thread. This would have the thread running all through the garment. I’m not even sure if it’s feasible or not, but it’s been taking up space in my head for the past couple of weeks or so.


One thought on “Making things that light up

  1. I love the idea of using conductive thread for knitting. I can’t find it. I looked at Spark Fun and was not able to locate it (or the gizmits that would make it work, nor the picture of the wrist warmers) under any name I could think of.

    What am I missing here? 🙂 Could you help with a source or different name for this?

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