Search engine fun

Since it’s been a while since I’ve posted, I thought I’d do two in a day. Yes, I know. Remain calm.

One of the features we have here is a blog stats page, with the number of people who read this each day (not many, but surprisingly large considering how often I post), the number of people who read this as an RSS feed – which I highly recommend, I love my NetNewsWire – and the search engine terms that bring people here.

A couple of the terms were expected. “Goth tears blog” was intriguing, “handspinning blogs” made my day. The biggest laugh I’ve had? One of the search terms was “pro Bush blog”. You have no idea how funny that is to me.

For the person who honestly came over here expecting to find a right-wing fundamentalist zealot nutcase, let me make this as clear as I can:

Your “fearless leader”, our American “president”, is a child in a 50-something’s body. He cannot excuse himself to use the bathroom without one of his handler’s permission, he apparently practices his speeches over and over and over again, unlike certain presidents within my recent memory (and including his father, I might add). He has also mistaken the presidency for the role of emperor. The normal rule of law just doesn’t seem to apply to him, or anyone who works for him. And when things aren’t going his way, all he has to do is say “September 11th” and he knows that at least 29% of the public here in the US will go along in robotic submission. Hope you’re enjoying what you wished for 5 1/2 years ago.

Just in case anyone missed the blogs in the “Random Political Things” listed on the sidebar. Have a lovely day.


2 thoughts on “Search engine fun

  1. uh oh. i stopped reading at ‘pro Bush blog’ knowing that it couldn’t be good from that point on… i love love love your fibery talents – let’s just say we have a different political view 😀
    i wonder what odd searches bring up my site…

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