jacob yarn

jacob yarn

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Well, it’s been a while, so I thought I’d post at least a little something…

This is part of the Jacob fleece I’ve been working on for, oh, several years now. It’s a little over a pound of wool, sport-weight, spun woolen from rolags. The best part about this is that my little fiber slave helper carded some of those rolags herself. With a little help from Mum, but mostly by herself.

I’ve thought about dyeing some of the white parts with some natural dyes (mullein, cochineal, logwood), but I may leave them as is. I kind of like the idea of a black-and-white sweater/coat/afghan/etc.


3 thoughts on “jacob yarn

  1. i definitely like the black/white, too!
    can i borrow your fiber slaver errr helper for a while? i have TONS of carding to do

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