What I did this weekend


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Yes, I know that it’s Thursday.

This past weekend, we had some friends come over for a visit. They have two 1-year-olds, so this is the first time they’ve been over in a while. In honor of this momentous occasion, and because we didn’t get to their birthday, I foolishly agreed to make them a little something. This was it.

I finally finished the tentacles on the last one this afternoon, so it’ll be going with my husband to work tomorrow. I managed to crank out one-and-a-half in a day before my hands gave out. I made them out of the Red Heart that was suggested in the pattern, Nautie; it’s been quite some time since I’ve worked with acrylic yarn, and I think there are the same issues that I’ve had in the past with cotton. If I knit for too long, it hurts. But they’re done.

I also, purposely, left off the eyes. I think their intended recipients will forgive me.


4 thoughts on “What I did this weekend

  1. Thanks, Nancy and Karrie!

    Was it tedious to knit the tentacles?
    Not really. In fact, the tentacles were the fastest and easiest part of the whole thing. Stuffing it, however, was a whole other nightmare.

  2. They really are cute, even without eyes 🙂

    I can relate with knitting with tough yarn. I’ve been knitting away at a little dress for my cousin’s baby, and my hands are killing me. I have 3 inches to go on the last sleeve and I just had to take a break.

  3. I did like the look of the Nauties when I saw them Knitty, couldn’t see myself getting them out in mere days. Years perhaps?

    Still very cute and I am sure the receipients will love them!

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