Tattooed across her knuckles were…


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love and hate goth spun. Well, there they are – my latest leap into sheepdom. Those are the Knucks that everybody else is making. I used the maroon-colored yarn that I spindle-spun a few months ago; all the other yarn is handspun, including the gray flowery thing on one hand – some of my first handspun, from a beginning spinning class. I think it’s Lincoln.

A couple of observations: I think if I make them again – and I might – I’ll use the child’s size, at least for me. I tried to felt these, but the yarn was already mostly felted, so that wasn’t working (as you can see). Yes, those are my fat, stubby little hands there. I also wish there was a satisfactory way to keep the fabric a bit more taut when doing the embroidery. I’m not real pleased with the job I did, but it was freehand so I guess I shouldn’t be too picky. I’m working up the nerve to post this on the Knucks gallery.


7 thoughts on “Tattooed across her knuckles were…

  1. Thise came up awesome! I think the chice of wording makes them more individual, helping to avoid mass fad.

    But I tend to have the opposite problem, women’s size glove/mitten patterns aren’t always big enough for my hands.


  2. I think they look great. They have a very cozy, comfortable look to them and seem as if they would be very cuddly to wear.

    Best wishes on all your projects!


  3. Thanks! I’ve not had the best of luck wearing fingerless gloves, but I think they’ll be warm enough.

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