It’s finally done


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Yes – after three false starts and a new yarn purchase, I’ve finally finished the Shapely Tank. Whew!

I had originally planned to knit something in intarsia, but when I decided to knit it in the round, that became almost impossible. At least for me! Thanks, Nancy, for the link to knitting it in the round.

I tried a different approach to my design, as you can see. It’s pretty subtle – to the point of unrecognizability. So, I think I’ll have a contest…

Whoever can guess the writing on my shirt gets a pound of my Jacob yarn (DK/light worsted weight, could be used for a small sweater or accessories). So, have at it.


3 thoughts on “It’s finally done

  1. Glad to be of help. Now if I only I could get mine done also!

    I’m going to go work on the mystery writing on your shirt. The picture is so not helping;)

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