For Bron


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Look, Bron, it’s alive! IT’S ALIVE!!!

Yes, against all odds, the cuttings of night-blooming cereus that Bron thoughtfully sent me have decided to take root and live. The pretty glossy lighter green leaves are the new growth. It even looks like there is some new growth on the bigger leaves in the back. Assuming it lives through the winter, it’ll have a permanent place (in its pot, of course – it’s not winter hardy here) in our new night garden next Spring.

Ob. Knitting/fiber bit: I’m going to try some sample bits of a lace pattern in my latest acquisition – one of the Barbara Walker pattern books.


3 thoughts on “For Bron

  1. Woohoo! I’m thrilled. 🙂 I never had any doubts, of course. I’ll credit that little “take hold & grow” spell I put on the leaves before I sealed the package. ::wink::

  2. 😀 It worked! I’m hoping they’ll at least put on some good growth before winter. Thanks again!

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