I made another toy


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This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Fortunately, Sunshyne made a terrific pattern for him. Him would be Jack Skellington, the guy from Halloweentown who longed to be Santa in The Nightmare Before Xmas. Big Girl loves Jack – all the characters, really, but she prefers Jack and the “bad kids” (Lock, Shock and Barrel). We have had a bendy Jack for a long time now, and we’ve had fights over the years about taking him to bed. Once his head came off and the wire connecting his head to his body was sticking out, it was the end of Jack as a toy.

He was pretty easy to make, although you can see the effects of having ‘help” while sewing on doll features. At long last, Big Girl can snuggle with Jack.


7 thoughts on “I made another toy

  1. Karen my youngest girl child has bendy Jack and Sally to sleep with also but shes starting to get scared of them! Its so bizarre!(That should be proof enough that she isnt mine right? hahah)
    I love that you made jack hes so adorable! Everytime I try to start him something else comes up!
    Hes so sweet! Nice work!

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