Starting New Things

More accurately, I’ve been starting a new thing and finishing an old thing this week.

The old thing I’ve been trying to finish up is a scarf idea I’ve had for a long time now. It’s not the fanciest scarf in the world; I’m making it with Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted, in Storm and (appropriately enough) Blue Boy. There’s also a bit of white handspun in there, along with some red felt when I’m all finished. I’ll let you see it when it’s done. Right now, it’s a sea of stripes with lots of dangly bits on the ends.

And the new thing…This fall’s Vogue Knitting has a sock feature. Lani had a preview of one of the patterns at Punk Rock Knit Girls, and I was hooked. Then I got a copy of the magazine, to see what the yarn looked like – and I saw this note…

Note: Yarn substitution is not recommended for this style as the elastic and cotton combination in this yarn is an integral part of the design and fit.


Well, I reasoned, it shouldn’t be all that hard to find here. Not with the plethora of well-stocked yarn shops within a reasonable driving distance. Heavens no. I’ll just break down and buy some yarn again this time.

Five yarn stores later, I finally came across what probably were the very last three balls of Cascade Fixation anywhere in the state of CO. Oh, yeah, there were a few balls of Fixation here and there, but none in black. None. Someone tried to talk me into making a pair of red stockings. They might be nice for somebody, but not me. I’m now up to the heel on Stocking #1. It’s an easy enough project, and there’s a pattern for embroidery up each leg, which is what attracted me in the first place. I’m shooting for finishing them in time for my annual birthday dinner/drinking festival, but I’m not going to take any bets on when they’ll be finished.