Some pictures

A couple of pictures, both of in-progress items. One is more finished than the other:
The scarf is just about finished; it just needs a little something in the upper l/h corner of the right side. I think I’ll embroider it in the interest of speed.

That would be Stocking #1. I haven’t decided whether or not to use the embroidery pattern in the magazine or make up something else. We’ll see.


3 thoughts on “Some pictures

  1. I’m trying very hard not to buy that VK just for the socks. I’d knit them up fine but then I’d crap up the embroidery. They’re so tempting!

    I have no patience for embroidery on stretchy knit stuff.

  2. Love the new look, I must fix my link to you it seems broken and I keep having to google or check others blogs for a correct link.
    Bit slack on my behalf, but a bit of free time now I’m done studying so I will catch up with everyone and everything!

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