Five Years Later

I’m going to apologize in advance for this one. I don’t usually write about politics, as I’ve got other places for that, but I will today. Just as a warning.

5 years ago today, my nieces were born. My sister’s water broke early that morning; which turned out to be a good thing, as my brother-in-law was scheduled to fly to Detroit later. Which was good, considering what else happened that day.

The girls were fraternal twins (still are), and were both very different from the beginning. One is more girly than the other, one is more of a daredevil than the other. They’re both growing into sweet, funny, interesting people; who love and miss at least one of their cousins, who loves and misses them in return. Last week they started kindergarten, which seems to be going well.

I wish, in a way, that I could join in the national breast-beating over the events of five years ago. I saw the video of the planes flying into 1WTC, and it seemed like a movie; something not quite real. I have my own memories of the Trade Center, as my uncle had an office there when it was first built many years ago. I still remember the feeling of the elevator, going up 40 or 50 floors without stopping. The big, busy Taxi Commission office. The sight of the Battery laid out at our feet, which my uncle saw every day. He had long since retired by 2001, but he went once or twice a week to have lunch with some friends who still worked there. By coincidence, he was late waking up. I called in a panic when I figured out what had happened, and we talked for a few minutes. He hadn’t heard about our failed adoption, or about my sister’s giving birth, or about what had happened 20 blocks away from his apartment. I didn’t tell him about the last – I was so grateful that he and my aunt were still alive, and I thought that he knew already.

There are so many feelings that I have about that day. Most of the feelings are of rage and bitterness about what happened afterwards, and that are still happening today. I think I’ll spare you guys my opinions, although I’m sure it would be no big surprise as to how I feel.

Today is my niece’s 5th birthday. I feel terrible that their special day is forever entwined with all this mess, but that’s the way things are.


3 thoughts on “Five Years Later

  1. It’s funny, I was 8 months pregnant on 9/11/01 and I work a couple of miles away. I saw them burn although I was spared seeing them fall as I work in a basement so there’s no windows. I didn’t freak out or panic and I really think it’s because I was pregnant. I had my mother in law get my son out of school and take him home butI kept working as much as I could until the subways started running again. Then I went home. I can’t deny that I felt a bit safer once the train crossed into the Bronx (Manhattan is always a target in my mind, the Bronx is an afterthought). I don’t feel all that traumatized by the experience because my son was born so soon after. That Fall was only joyous. It’s all the politiking and war and strife that’s occurred since that has traumatized me. I think it’s a far greater tragedy to have wasted that opportunity to bring the world together and instead our government has done it’s best to tear it apart.

  2. My friend’s son was born 9/12/99 and my parents were married on 9/14 — it’s too bad we have such a bad association with so many people’s happy events! At least most of us are still okay (for now).

  3. Lovely Karen-

    Thank you for sharing this story. Its such a conflicting topic and that day. I hate that happend with you in regards to adding an additional person to your family. The one blessing that did come out of it is that gift of your family surviving and the two girls being born thriving. Im so glad that you can see this in the midst of all that you had to endure dolly!

    Your more then strong woman. Im so glad to know you!

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