SP things

Well. This week, the Punk Rock Gift Exchange started. We got our names. I’ve gotten a couple of emails from my SP already, which was very nice.

I’m a little nervous about my SP, as I’m always nervous about sending things to people I don’t know well. I’ve read her blog for a little while, but it’s not quite the same as knowing somebody. So I’ll be shopping this week and putting some things together for a package. Then I’ll send it off, hold my breath and cross my fingers. I hope she’ll like it.


6 thoughts on “SP things

  1. It scares me that for a few minutes I actually thought, “Hey, do I have Karen to spoil?” of course not, I would have known if I had emailed you!

    The swap should be fun!

  2. I will admit it is dawnting to exchange with someone you havent met but it is exciting to think of the things you might be able to get them. Ithink a like minded exchange like PRGE is a bit better as we are a fairly level field.

  3. I know that feeling, I was a little freaked at first as well. Having to buy for someone I know only thorugh a blog, how many ways could I get it wrong???

    I’ve had my thinking cap on so I think I am getting somewhere.


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