Shiny Goodness From the Mailbox

I got my first Punk Rock Gift Exchange package yesterday! Here it is…

Inside a big parcel bag was all these goodies. There is a lovely card with blood red roses, a pewter dragon (which is now keeping Lock, Shock and Barrel company on my tchotchke shelf), a pretty pewter leaf keychain, a beautiful wooden pen, 10 skeins of Tencel yarn in my most favorite color :D, and last but not least, a giant dark chocolate bar!

My little friend decided to check things out…

Fortunately, she didn’t eat anything, which is always good.

Thanks again to my Secret Pal for the wonderful birthday surprise!


5 thoughts on “Shiny Goodness From the Mailbox

  1. Glad you liked it all and the leaf is actually a Horse shoe nail made into the leaf from a lovely old blacksmith. I thought you might like the lovely grain in the pen and if that is a giant bar of chocolate Ill get what we call a family block next.

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