The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Nope, not even close to December. I love October. The wild veering between roasting hot and almost freezing – no kidding, yesterday was 85F here, and today it might possibly make it up to 60 – the beautiful falling leaves, which rapidly bury the front yard; the possibility of freaking the hell out of the little neighborhood darlings – even entertaining the older ones – yes, indeed, I love October.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I like doing different sorts of crafts in addition to fiber-related ones. Lots of these crafts, like electronics, lend themselves well to Halloween. Another craft that we’re fond of here is pumpkin carving. If you promise not to tell the little one, I’ll put up a link to something I’m considering for this year (the first pumpkin on the page).

Of course, there’s always the He-Man method of pumpkin carving. Unfortunately, some of us are not allowed near a Sawz-All. It has nothing to do with sexism, and more to do with the fact that some of us are hazards to others as well as ourselves with large power tools. Soldering irons and Dremels=good. Sawz-Alls and power drills=bad. Trust me, there are plenty of men to whom that applies as well. But they don’t live here.