We’re Back!

We got back from our “vacation”/birthday celebration around 5 yesterday afternoon. After a 6-hour drive with an increasingly cranky 4-year-old, I wasn’t real interested in writing much yesterday.

As fiber festivals go, it was pretty good. We slogged through rain on Saturday to visit the booths, and then it rained almost all of Sunday. There was even a light dusting of snow on La Veta Pass on the way home Monday.

I did manage to buy…one or two things. I did restrain myself this time – no whole fleeces. I picked up some dyed mohair locks, for experimenting with core spinning this winter. I also got a couple of ounces of beautiful, soft alpaca from an alpaca rancher in Estes Park. She almost talked me into buying a new loom… I also came home with a new toy – a Bosworth spindle. It’s a little one, .7 oz., made from paduk wood. The color is a gorgeous deep, blood red – and it spins like a dream. Just like you’ve always heard Bosworth spindles spin. Working with a brand new fiber is always difficult for me. Usually the spindle flies across the room. Not this time. There are also a couple of things for other people, which I can’t talk about right now.

Probably the highlight of the whole soggy weekend for one of us was the trip to the pizza place on the north side of town. It’s so nice to be able to relax and not have to worry about whether or not your child will be welcome – and how they’re going to behave (or not). This was our 5th trip to the restaurant, and every time the waitresses and kitchen folks are universally friendly and cheerful. Every. Single. Time. Pizza’s damn good, too.

We passed 5 beautiful, older cemeteries on the way out and back. Unfortunately, it was raining too hard to get a decent picture. Maybe next year.


2 thoughts on “We’re Back!

  1. Sounds like there was too many good buys. I will have to see what I can do about some of the older cemeteries around me I have a few to choose from. Hopefully I can get along to some this weekend and send you some photos that I get.

  2. sounds like a good time and well Cemetarries we have quite a few pioneer ones near by so I will see what I can get done and send

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