New Starts

I think I’ve got a (very loose) grip on what I want the Pretty Princess gloves/mittens to look like. I’m not sure that I even want them to be gloves anymore. I think I have a lace pattern for the gauntlet part. It’ll be about 3″, which puts it midway between the recipient’s wrist and elbow. Now I just need to make a *shudder* swatch.

I also inadvertently found out that I need new gloves/mittens myself. There are some big, gaping holes that I can’t fix properly – the handspun is all gone and I don’t have that same fiber to make more right now. So…off to something new. I though I might start with this (link to .pdf pattern). I’d like to use the latest civilian figures from here. Assuming that’s vague enough for everybody…


3 thoughts on “New Starts

  1. Huh. I might just have to make me a set of those. Shame it was much to hot to wear something like that today for Dubya’s little visit to my neighborhood.

    Yes, I got stuck in traffic on a city bus and I’m still grumbling.

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