More goodies!

Well, we’ve finally dug our way out of the snow and made it to the mailbox this afternoon. Let me show you what was in there…

This was what was in the package before I – or more accurately, we – opened everything up. It’s beautiful, and there were notes on everything! I think you can read some of them on the picture.
And inside…
There were all sorts of things. A beautiful card with a rose bookmark inside, some cute dragon magnets and a figurine, a bandana from a charity (CanTeen) working with children with cancer, a black scarf (I’m trying that out tomorrow on our next zoo trip!), and candy! Mmmm…two “family block” chocolate bars and a pack of something called Tim Tams. I’ve heard of them, but never tried them. My pal even sent directions for something called a “Tim Tam slam”, which I’ve never heard of, but sounds really good. She even sent something for Big Girl – some gummy toads, which have to be put up immediately or they’ll never see Halloween – and my baby Annabel. I’m hoping this will get her to leave my yarn alone; I’ll have to try it out when I’m knitting tonight. I know I’m leaving something out…I can only claim pre-holiday stress, as I’m not quite done with somebody’s costume. I’ve also been wrestling with a pair of eyelet pliers. Whee. I’d say some…um…chemical relaxation is in order for Tuesday evening. Thanks again, PRGE Pally! This was wonderful.


4 thoughts on “More goodies!

  1. Tim Tam Slam is awesome! However I ate one toom nay Tim Tams and have sadly not been able to look at them the same way since.

    It’s very exciting with Haloween coming up! I’m workign on a idea for a costume to wear out Tuesday.

    It dosen’t involve sewing or knitting, or any realcrafting, just a few choice pieces fo clothing and some bad acting onmy part.


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