The Elections Have Come and Gone


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The only things that have changed this morning is…

I have lost all faith in our election process. Our state has voted to codify bigotry and sexism into our state Constitution, without even the teensy reward of a domestic partnership. We now have an anti-choice governor.

And the only real thing that’s changed this morning is that this number has grown.


2 thoughts on “The Elections Have Come and Gone

  1. Yeah, we’ve still got a Republican actor as our governor, but at least we didn’t vote for the waiting period for abortions. I saw a sign near my house that said “Vote for 87 – Save our daughters” and all I could think was, this is not a governmental issue! Save your daughters and teach them well so that this is never a problem that the government needs to get involved in! I’m only slightly happier today.

  2. WE have terrible problems in nsw right now and our last election was 3 years ago.

    WE have had problems galore all politicians are good for is being like a baby they need changing often and just winge and cry

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