The Big Reveal

Well. I guess we can reveal our Punk Rock Gift Exchange secret pals today. I got an email this morning from Metal and Knit, who was my Secret Pal and spoiled me thoroughly! Even though the exchange is not yet over…I’m definitely looking forward to knowing her better.

And now I can reveal who my Secret Pal is…Suzi! It’s been a lot of fun picking things out, I wish that my bigger present was ready – but it will be soon.

This is also my 100th post here at the new digs.


3 thoughts on “The Big Reveal

  1. Fancy an Australia to America to Australia circle what a great circle of friends has come about. I must say you really have spoilt Suzi really good as well. Loved the scarf you knitted for her.

  2. How awesome is this? I knew when I saw the Zhivago that your pal had to be Austrlian but I knew it wasn’t me, did it occur to me you were mine? Not right away, but the Karen gave me food for thought! And I wondered if it was possible biut dismissed it as being too much of a flight of fancy. What were the odds?

    Tis is so exciting! You have been an awesome pal! Must go and e-mail mine now and tell all!


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