Veteran’s Day

Well, today is Veteran’s/Armistice Day; the anniversary of the end of The War To End All Wars. And how many have we had since then…

I married into a military family. Most of my husband’s family members were career military – his grandfather, his uncles (one recently retired as the jump trainer for the USArmy Golden Knights show paratroopers), his father (retired USAF) and his stepmother’s father (was drafted, then a civilian worker at an East Coast AF base). His other grandfather was MIA and presumed dead after a reconnaissance flight over German territory during WWII. The concept of “supporting our troops” in something more tangible than a car magnet is not academic to them. I would say more, but I’ll get myself in trouble.

There’s also the members of my own family who served. The great-uncle who died long before I was born, but left the most incredible letters to his wife during WWI. Even through the censor stamps, they’re still an eye-opener to life in the trenches. Two of my other great-uncles (my grandmother was the second of 12, so I’ve had a lot of great-uncles and aunts) served in WWII. One lost his legs during the beach landing at Normandy. We knew they were proud to have served their country, but we never heard the stories of their service. We were told we were too young. I wonder if they ever told their wives. Some never did.

There’s more that I’d like to say, especially considering the outcome of our mid-term elections, but I’ll leave that alone for now too. Happy Veteran’s Day.