bodycount – they’re done!


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At long last, an FO to show you. It’s been busy around here, what with everybody hacking up lungs and all. But I did manage to finish at least one thing – with more to show on the way…

The mittens are finally done; the second mitten was done with some “barber-pole” yarn from the same fleece as the first. I think I like the frosted look. It makes you look more closely to see what’s on there.

The numbers were taken from Iraq Coalition Casualties, which have been verified by the US DoD. I changed the pattern a little bit, and it seems I left off the stripes on the LH mitten. I chalk that up to sinus-induced delerium.

I’ve got some other things going; a hat/mitten set which I’ll write about another day, the Simple Knitted Bodice and some crocheted Xmas toys. But I’ll save the photos for when they’re finished.


3 thoughts on “bodycount – they’re done!

  1. Love the thought behind them and am sure they will be mighty warm. sSo I am not the only one to have multiple ( opps magnitude of projects going on) I hope everyone is starting to feel better.

  2. Nice mittens and pretty yarn! I’ve finished my first one a couple weeks ago but I have to spin some more brown yarn before I can start my second one. I’ve been way too lazy to post my finished one. I need to get on that this week.

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