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Yesterday, I got a package in the mail. Actually, I got a couple of packages, but only one is even remotely related to knitting and fiber things…

When I opened the envelope, there were 3 packages wrapped in what looks like Australian nostalgic paper – very pretty! The insides were pretty cool too:
Lots of goodies! In no particular order, there’s a big hank of laceweight Merino in my favorite color, a beautiful cat and pentacle brooch, a pack of postcards and a calendar from Tianne’s home state/province of New South Wales, and some gorgeous handknitted fingerless mitts that fit! Whoo! Not a bit too small, and I don’t have to try to felt them to wear them. I’ll have to take a better picture once certain people go to bed today – the cable work is lovely and I really want to show it to everybody. Thanks so much, Tianne!

There’s one more thing I’ve been working on that I’d like to show you…
I made this a little while ago to send to a new mother. It’s a long and complicated story, but the short version is: She’s the mother of 2 who is about to give birth to Baby #3. She’s getting out of a very bad/abusive situation. She is also under a lot of pressure to place her baby with another family, and she really really doesn’t want to. We’re also sending her a couple of crib sheets that I had made for Big Girl a long time ago. If this will help her out in some small way, it’ll all have been worth it.


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  1. That sounds a bit like an ad we have here; “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Big Car Co.”

    Meat pies sound a little like Cornish pasties. When we visited relatives in Michigan, we’d go to the Upper Peninsula a lot; pasties were easy to come by there. Pretty tasty too.

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