New Knitty!

The Winter Knitty is up.

There looks to be lots and lots and lots of hats and socks, and a couple of things that looked pretty good; like this (the person reading over my shoulder this morning said, “I want him, Mommy – make him for me”; and this, which made me giggle with the possibilities; and this. Actually, the last one will probably get done first. I was talking to somebody not too long ago about the staggering lack of good-looking, hip clothing for kids who aren’t toddlers anymore but not yet teenagers; not tweeners, exactly. No, in my mind a 4-year-old isn’t a tweener, thanks.


5 thoughts on “New Knitty!

  1. I love that dragon too. I think I might have to make it.

    Old Navy has awfully cute kids clothes. Things that make them look more like small people than um…babies. Walmart does too, but only once they hit four. The Mary-Kate and Ashley clothes are awfully cool.

    Which btw makes me sound like a huge dork I’m aware. lol

    Or, make them some cute stuff. Which is apparently your plan.

  2. I do like Old Navy stuff; it might be nice to have some things that are a little dressier. The real problem is that she’s a BIG 4; she’s wearing size 6X-7, depending on the manufacturer. Apparently, she gets to choose between babyish, ho, or having Mommy make something for her. She’s pretty good-natured about Mommy making things for her; she even asks me to make pj’s for her. Which is not a big deal, but still.

    Eh, when she’s in middle school, she can wear whatever she wants – or at least that’s the idea today. 😉

    Having said all that, Starsky Jr. met with the Big Girl Seal of Approval – just like the dragon.

  3. Im glad that Big Girl likes home made things all I remember is the cardigans and jumpers that were made for me a kid. NO one else had them.
    I might have to knit one of those dragons in red and white for the local Football Team.

    A patrcel of goodies should arrive real soon.

  4. *whew* I’m not a complete crazy then. lol

    Mine is a tall and thin 4 year old. I have a cute plaid skirt she never got to wear because it just never fit her waist. And now that it does…it is FAR too short.

    I don’t make her clothes because well, she just grows too fast! Once, I made her a costume for RenFaire, and it makes me sad to see it sitting in her closet unused.

  5. Metal and Knit: There was a while there when she wouldn’t wear anything I made for her. I remember making a sweater for her – I think it was a smaller version of a Knitty pattern, in fact – and she would just scream whenever I’d even go near her with it. It’s been a big change. And thank you!

    shadkitty: I think you’re the only other person outside our family that has that problem! Big Girl has a pair of pj pants (purchased) that I had to take in at the waist (not my favorite alteration, either) because she couldn’t wear them at all. As far as making clothes, I think I’ve just gotten lucky.

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