It’s here!


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This weekend I got another package from Tianne, my not-so-secret PRGE pal.

Due to somebody awakening unexpectedly, I can only show you one of the pictures I took… That’s two balls of Merino from Bendingo Woolen Mills. Yay! It’s beautiful. I have no idea what I’ll do with it just yet. But I really love it. Thank you, Tianne!

If somebody cooperates either later today or tonight, I’ll post some more pictures.

UPDATE: Here’s another picture of the rest of the package:
There are some bookmarks with Australian animals, a tote bag with a picture of Uluru Rock, and some picture postcards of her section of the country. Thanks again, Tianne, and have a very happy holiday!

There’s one more picture for today, which is completely unrelated to anything…
Remember, if you check the notes for the photo first, that’s cheating. You’re better than that. I know you are.


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