Snow day and then some

As in, we might be stuck here for a while. It’s been snowing since early this morning, and still going strong (as of 1pm). Between the actual snow and the strong winds, our neighborhood is drifted shut. The three of us had great fun watching two guys dig out a van at the corner; the only person so far to brave going outside – except, of course, for my husband.

“You’re going outside now? Are you crazy? Didn’t you tell your people to stay home from work today?”
“I’ve gotta go. Need beer.”
Some things are more important than others…

Speaking of which, I’ve gotten halfway through a pair of pj’s for Big Girl, I plan to finish a pillow this afternoon, and I’m sneaking downstairs to do some more spinning later on. We might be out of here by Saturday…


5 thoughts on “Snow day and then some

  1. I hear it’s pretty bad in Denver. (We’re there a lot — my husband hangs out with the gothyfolk out thataway…) A friend of ours was supposed to go by rail today, and they CLOSED THE STATE.

    The ENTIRE state. Like, “Sorry, Colorado’s closed today.” closed the state.


  2. metal and knit: It’s never bad when it’s about knitting wool. 😀

    miss violet: Yes, they did close the whole state. I-25, the main n/s interstate, was closed from end to end yesterday.

    It’s not so pretty and fun anymore – still snowing, with the snow over the top of our car. As in, the car is buried under the snow. I took some pictures, but don’t yet have the heart to post them. I feel really, really badly for the folks at the airport. Not as badly as I would have felt, as we were almost among them this year…

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