My last FO for 2006/first for 2007


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So, this was my last FO for 2006; a candy heart pillow from the Domiknitrix book. It’s handspun at 8wpi (modestly bulky), embroidered with floss. I think the next time I’ll try one out of acrylic – it’ll be for Big Girl’s room, and it won’t stretch as much. The next time I’ll also embroider the words when I finish one side; I could feel it stretching while embroidering the piece, which accounts a little for the funky shaping.

Here is my first FO of 2007:
It’s a sock for Big Girl; made from a soy silk blend from my own pattern. She tried it on last night and says it fits just fine, with no itching. She liked the ruffled edge too, which is nice because it was pretty easy. Next time I may try a picot cast on. Sock #2 is almost to the heel, so it should be done by Saturday.


9 thoughts on “My last FO for 2006/first for 2007

  1. Thanks! I don’t know about your daughter, shadkitty, but the only thing that would make it better are beads and glitter. Of course, the glitter would make them scratchy again… 😀
    Metal and Knit, that is a possibility. I get kind of squicky about showing her face on The Internets anymore, but not her feet!

    Thanks again for the kind words.

  2. She’s not a girly girl exactly, but she likes to think she is. lol Beads and glitter would be the way to go. Maybe I should buy some of that Cherry Tree Hill Glitz yarn for her. lol Of course, soy silk is kinda shiny all by itself.

  3. I went wild the last time I was in a fiber shop and bought some Angelica glitz fiber, mostly to mix into something for Big Girl. Now I have no idea what to spin with it…

  4. hey you! spintoknit pal here, just wanted to say hi again and let you know i am on the job. i will make you the darkest most morbid yarn evah! evah evah! it would make siouxsie sioux proud!

  5. Ok
    this is officially the best! hahah I love it! Did I tell you that my ring tone is Whip It? hahah Oh I hope that your day was well! Thinkin of you

  6. Thanks, Che! 😀
    Did I tell you that my ring tone is Whip It?
    Hahahaha! Our day went…better than expected, but it was still a long one. Thanks for asking about it!

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