First official FO for 2007


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Yes, now that both socks are done, it’s official. My first FO of 2007. These were pretty easy, and I liked knitting with the soy silk blend enough that I’ll try spinning some of my own soon.

They were also a big hit with their intended recipient:
Big Girl and her socks
She says they fit just fine, and they’re not at all scratchy. Depressingly enough, her feet are almost as big as mine.

Speaking of spinning…I’ve signed up for the Spin to Knit SP exchange. I just got an email from my Secret Pal – and I see s/he’s made a comment today too! I hope my SP likes the skein I’m sending. It’s something I’ve already spun a little while ago, but I’m making something new for her for next month. And while we’re on the subject of next month – well, I think I’ll leave that for a while.


4 thoughts on “First official FO for 2007

  1. Shadkitty: Thanks! The yarn is Knit One Crochet Too’s Wick- at 120 yds/ball, I think I used about 200 yds. for the socks, give or take. She’s got big feet though – her new shoes will be a toddler size 13.

    Metal and knit: Thanks! She says now that her feet aren’t itchy in them, so maybe these will stay on. 😀

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