Good news and bad news

First, since it’s Monday, the good news. This weekend I got two packages – one from my Spin to Knit SP, and one from my Punk Rock pal Tianne. Thank you both! They’re both wonderful, and I’ll be posting pictures tomorrow. Which leads me to the bad news.
I run another blog, which I won’t list here for…obvious reasons. My computer is cr***ing out, and won’t allow me to upload anything anymore. So…the site’s down, and won’t be back up until we get this computer fixed or buy a new one. As I said to somebody this morning, I’d like to meet Mr. Jobs today. With a pickaxe.

I also have an LJ page, which is locked/”friends only”. If you too are on LJ, and want to read some of that, let me know.

As far as knitting goes, I’m halfway through the I, Robot illusion scarf and finally finished with the Purple Snow Devil hat.


6 thoughts on “Good news and bad news

  1. Amy – added!

    knitv – I’ll add you as soon as I get over there this morning…

    Mel – yes – as my journal is friends only – but LJ has free accounts. wwwdotlivejournaldotcom.

    metalandknit – It really has been wonderful! Thanks so much for everything.

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