Is Winter Over Yet?

Yesterday the weather called for snow this morning, but clearing this afternoon. This morning, it’s very cloudy – with no snow. I have a bad feeling about this afternoon.

It’s not that I mind driving in the snow. We don’t own a 4WD vehicle – a snow like this comes along once every three years or so, and we’re not skiers, so 4wds don’t make sense for us. If you have the proper tires and attitude (deep breathing helps), even 5″ of snow isn’t all that bad. What is bad is when snow covers up ice, or when visibility is next to nothing. Did I mention my daughter has dance class this afternoon? As long as there aren’t any nutjobs on the road, we’ll be fine.

As for actual knitting content…
I think rather than taking a chance with uploading anything from our current CrapBox, I’ll describe what I got this weekend as best I can.

The first package was from Tianne. There was a lovely big skein of Opal sock yarn, two tote bags, two beautiful fridge magnets of her rose at home, a kookaburra (who was much appreciated – it was a bedtime buddy last night), a lovely card, and a big block of chocolate. Thanks so much, Tianne! You’ve been a great SP!

The second package was from my Spin to Knit pal. There were two beautiful black skeins – I’m guessing that they’re both bulky, just from looking at them – a hank of turquoise roving, and a skull mini-tote. It’s great! I’m a little nervous about planning a project with them; I’m thinking about framing the skeins, they’re that pretty. Thank you, Spin to Knit pal!

I’ve started a couple more things this week: a hat for Lena and a Candy Heart pillow for her room. One of the things we’ve got planned for this year is redoing the house, with Lena’s room and bath being first on the list. Big surprise – the room will be pink. This has been planned for quite some time, but I have a slight procrastination problem. Let’s see how many more months I can put this off…


7 thoughts on “Is Winter Over Yet?

  1. I was just starting to wonder where you were. Yep, I think everyone has a couple of skeins somewhere that they keep around just to pet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Having come from flat land (Minnesota), I wasn’t aware just how awful ice under snow was, particularly on the hills, with 2wd. Stay safe!

  3. metal and knit: I finally found the tag! Lena ripped it off in her excitement. Black cockatoos come out before the rain? We’ll be needing that this summer…

    shadkitty: ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m thinking about mixing at least one with some of my more…utilitarian handspun. But they’re both just so pretty.

    ana: We had a false alarm yesterday, thank goodness! It stayed west of here. Believe it or not, you guys have a lot more vertical driving than we do. Of course, Pittsburgh’s heard of the wonders of rock salt… ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. yes a black cocatoo signals bad weather normally good rain or storm. I get them in our Pine tree in the back of our yard. If I hear their screetch I know to get prepared for te bad weather again. Getting prepared means getting the knitting sorted into order of need to do.

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