Knitters are not grannies

Knitters are evil, scary, terrorist grannies!

Hey, if the USC administration says it, it must be true. It’s official – the terrorists have won. Thanks to Boing Boing for the story.


2 thoughts on “Knitters are not grannies

  1. I do beleive that sweat shop workers are so under paid it is notfunny then again my job gets paid as a sub contracted business to the main company half of what a telstra worker gets I get $14 AUD and they get $40 AUD for the same job.

  2. And that’s exploitation too…If you’re only being paid less than half what their full-time employees make, you’re not being compensated for your skills and time. At all.

    I don’t understand it…When I was back in college (said Granny, shaking her finger), you could say anything (aside from hate speech) you wanted, anywhere. You weren’t relegated to a “free speech zone”. It’s not just USC, either. What a sad time for the US.

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