More words, less pictures

That’s pretty much what’s on tap for…indefinitely. I’ll try to get some pictures uploaded, but the stupid fscking box has locked up every time I’ve tried so far. I even have some things almost ready for a Special Secret Thing – but I can’t upload anything. Not even a wee banner. *sob*

I did get some knitting done this weekend…
There’s a Spiral Mesh Cap from Domiknitrix‘s book for Big Girl. I made it from some Berroco Softwist in a dark red. It wound up being a perfect fit – I used the smallest size, even had to go up a size on the needles (US10, not the 9s in the pattern). Even though it’s almost half wool, it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Her hair winds up keeping it away from her head, so her skin’s not in direct contact.

I’m still slogging away on the I, Robot illusion scarf. It’s just about half-finished; I’m halfway through the center I chart. So maybe before she goes to kindergarten this summer…

I also started an embroidery project yesterday during the Stupor Bowl. Big Girl has a difficult time getting to sleep. Very difficult. As in it takes three hours or so difficult. In my desperation, I’ve decided to make her a dream pillow. She picked out an embroidery pattern, and I’m almost finished with it. The hard part has always been what mix of herbs to use. I think we’re going with some mild ones to start with – chamomile, hops, roses, and salt mixed with lavender oil. Man, I hope this works.


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  1. Thanks! She’s not exactly upset about it – not as upset as the adults in the house are. Ahem. We’ll see whether or not it works tomorrow night…

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