Some random thoughts and projects

Well, due to one incredibly unfortunate weekend, we didn’t get Ms. ‘puter to the comp doc. So, once again I’m still unable to post pictures. This is so incredibly frustrating; mostly because I’ve got a bunch of completed and mostly-completed things to show you…

  • My purple Devil’s Hat – all finished, and feels nice and cozy. Yes, I wore it this weekend.
  • Another pair of socks, this time for me, out of the pretty blue Opal that Tianne sent me.
  • A slightly more sedate Valentine Heart pillow, this time for Big Girl. The actual knitting’s almost done, and all that’s left will be the embroidery and assembly.
  • Yet more skeins of the black cross fleece from Estes last year.
  • Two aprons done and working on a third. I use aprons for purely practical reasons – I make the biggest mess when I’m baking. If I’m wearing an apron, that’s one less thing to hose down when I’m finished.
  • I’ve started a chart for another project, based on the Body Count Mittens. I think I might dye some yarn this time for the contrast.

In other news, Big Girl is starting to feel better. Which, of course, means that her dad and I now have her cold. Oh well, more time to knit…


2 thoughts on “Some random thoughts and projects

  1. Im glad you got a warm pair of socks from the opal yarn for you. Im in tea cosy mode for the moment with the show entries to get done thank goodness for days off I say. Hope the puter is back to normal health soon for photos galore.

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