Like I said, I’ve got a few pictures today.
First, the Purple Devil Hat from the Domiknitrix book:
devil hat (click to biggify)
Next, Sock #1 from the blue Opal yarn that Tianne sent me. This sock is really comfy, and I’m working on the next one now:Opal Sock
And while on the subject of Secret Pals…here are the first two skeins from my Spin to Knit SP:
Spin2Knit SP skein #1
Last, but not least, here’s the dream pillow I made for Big Girl:

This last one was made out of desperation. It’s sewn from a hemp/silk blend fabric that I have hanging around, stuffed with various herbs and essential oil drenched salt, and embroidered using a Sublime Stitching transfer. Big Girl loves it. In fact, she checks under her pillow to make sure it’s there before her bedtime story every night.

Hopefully there’ll be more next week. And pictures.


4 thoughts on “See?

  1. I used to make my kids dream pillows when they were little. That little magic went a long way. 🙂 Mine weren’t nearly as fancy as yours though! Pretty!

  2. Karrie: Thanks! It’s working so far…

    Metal and Knit: Thanks! I really like how the stripes are coming out.

    Are you joinin gsecond round of PRGE ?

    Nah, not this time. I was such an awful SP myself…I feel badly about it, and don’t want to do it again.

    Bron: Thanks! It gave me an excuse to break out the embroidery stuff. It’s helping so far, but she’s been sick with a cold too. She checks to make sure the pillow’s there before she goes to bed now. 🙂

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