Anybody in Charlotte?

It appears that The Crazy Family will be making the trek from here to Charlotte, NC in mid-April. If anybody would either like to suggest a fiber shop (either in Charlotte or Charleston) or would *gulp* like to get together, please leave a comment.

I can write this because I am secure in the knowledge that nobody will take me up on this.


6 thoughts on “Anybody in Charlotte?

  1. knitv: Thanks! I’m a little nervous – visits with the little guy’s family have never gone well. But there’s always a first time…

    Nancy: Hey, you never know. 😀 Once we’re done with the Family Obligations, somebody has promised me a real vacation.

  2. So close. I’m in Richlands, NC. Which is like 4 hours away or something ridiculous like that. Although apparently Charleston is 2 hours away. How weird. Oh well.

  3. Have a great trip! If I was in Charlotte I’d take you up in 🙂 but hey, we might be coming to CO in July I believe, and who knows, I might be carrying something extra in the belly 😉

  4. Shadkitty: Close to the beach? If it’s 4 hours away, it must be…One of the reasons we’re going is to take Big Girl to the beach. She’s never seen the ocean.

    Ana: Oooh! July is a good time to come. *Normally* it’s beautiful.

    I might be carrying something extra in the belly

    *hugs* Oh, I hope so! Good luck!

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