And now that I’ve driven everybody away…

It’s been a rougher couple of weeks than I had anticipated. Big Girl turned 5 last Monday. That was the last time any of us were well and healthy until today – and she’s still coughing.

Her birthday was just fine; very quiet, with lots of phone calls from most of our family and hers. Lots of presents too – and cupcakes. In fact, it took me an hour to clean up the mess from the frosting. Note to self – if you’re mixing up frosting with a hand mixer, the bowl can’t be too deep.

I did manage to work on something new… Last year, Evil Dad got himself an iPod Nano for a present. I also “got” a Shuffle. To be more precise, I inherited a Shuffle from one of Evil Dad’s suppliers. It’s pretty nice, and it holds enough for now. Plus I can listen to podcasts when everybody else is asleep. The clip works great, if you happen to wear suitable clothing. I usually don’t. Then there’s the problem of the tiny Shuffle getting lost in the Giant Black Hole (my purse).

Here’s my solution:


The ch3 loops at the top are meant to hold a drawstring, but they aren’t necessary. If anybody’s interested, I could write up the pattern, but it’s easy enough to figure out for yourself.

It’s really, really quiet downstairs, so I should go now.


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