Just a couple of new skeins


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Well, a couple of new skeins and some singles. Here’s two of the skeins; I wound up making three of these skeins. The biggest one, about 120 yards or so, should now safely be in my Spin2Knit pal’s hands. It’s a 2-ply; one ply is straight black cross wool, the other is some of the white from the same sheep (the sheep had a white neck and shoulders) carded with a little nylon flash. It spun up much better than I had expected, but it was a buster to card. The flash wanted to go everywhere but onto the carded batt. Everywhere…

The other thing is a single; I’ve got one bobbin full, this is the second one.
Peenk (click to see it better…if you dare)
I wish I could describe it a better way, but…it’s…pink. Not just pink, but Peenk. If I overdyed it in plum again, I could save it, but I think I’ll wait until it’s finished. *sigh* Oh, the horror. The horror!


2 thoughts on “Just a couple of new skeins

  1. Oh!! Those black skeins are shiny! (in a good way) Quite loverly. And your other yarn while really pink-like is not pink. It’s more of a very sweet strawberry.

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