Knitting for the war effort

Primarily the effort to end the Iraq war.
Yep, back in World War II, our grandmothers knitted socks, helmet liners and other things for the troops. Things are a little different now, but it’s still (I think) a good idea. It does a number of things; the two things that I can think of are that it lets a soldier know that somebody is thinking of him/her, and it brings the war into the lives of people who wouldn’t otherwise be affected.

On Monday, the 4th anniversary of the Iraq War, yet another knitting project was launched: Stitch for Senate. It consists of making helmet liners for troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan – and sending them to your US Senators. From the website:

All the senators will receive their own helmet liner, and Senators can opt to send helmet liners to a soldier once they receive the helmet. Charitable knitting during wartime has been a tradition since the American Revolution and this charitable knitting project focuses on supporting the troops by encouraging senators to bring the troops home.

Thanks to cat at Microrevolt for the link.