Socks! And Pictures!

Yep – I finally remembered to upload a picture of the socks I finished a little while ago. They were from the skein of Opal Sockenwolle that Tianne sent in one of her Punk Rock Gift Exchange packages. Nice and comfy. In fact, wearing them was pretty much the only thing that went well today. We set out to go to the zoo this morning. We changed our plan to go to the museum when today turned out to be grey and much colder than originally anticipated. And when we got there…I suddenly remembered why we don’t have ballet this afternoon. Spring Break. More specifically, Spring Break For Every School-aged Child in At Least Four States. Funny, they were all at the science museum this morning. Maybe if we get an earlier start tomorrow…

And here are the socks:

There’s a picture of my actually wearing said socks, but I won’t torment you with that one.


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