Him Robot

I finally have a picture of something I’ve been procrastinating meaning to block for the past, um, little while. I dislike finishing/blocking, and I hate blocking acrylic. Usually I save acrylic yarn for toys, so I don’t have to bother with anything more odious than sewing something up. This time, though, I steamed it on the ironing board. It went a little better…

The scarf pattern is pretty easy, and was a lot of fun. It went kind of slowly, but only because of the time/attention demands made on me while I was working on it. If you decide to make it, do follow Patricia Lillie’s suggestion to mark every 50th row with a safety pin. It helps. Big Girl, the scarf’s intended recipient, is darned excited that there’s snow on the ground today. She’s looking for an excuse to wear it. It’ll be kind of huge (I’m guessing it’s around 6ft. long or so), but she doesn’t care about all that. It’s purple robots. Nothing else matters.

I finished the helmet liner last night, and it’s drying quietly.
helmet liner
I’ve got some things to say about this, but I think it’ll wait for another post on another day. Maybe when I mail it tomorrow.


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