Thoughts About a Helmet Liner

This morning, I packed up and mailed my helmet liner for the Stitch for Senate project. I had wash-blocked and dried it the day before, so all that was left to do was to wrap it, enclose a little note with who sent it and who it was for, and send it out.

Some things I was thinking about when I was doing all that this morning:

  • I wonder if Sen. Salazar will see this. I hope he sees it.
  • I wonder if this will make him think about the wishy-washy positions he’s taken so far.
  • Yeah, right…
  • It was just coincidence that I made it out of CO-grown handspun. I’m pretty damn proud of that, just the same.
  • I wonder if anybody will actually use this.
  • If they do, I hope it keeps them safe and brings them home quickly.
  • Maybe that’s what this whole project will do…keep our troops safe and bring them home quickly.
  • I’m too old to be so fscking naive.

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