Went shopping today

I succumbed to the unbearable temptation of the Knit Happens sale. Soon I will be the proud owner of 9 balls of Debbie Bliss’ Cotton Angora. It’s for a t-shirt for Big Girl, for our looming vacation trip. I’m not sure if it’s going to be here in time for her to wear or for the shirt to be my project.

Speaking of shopping, we went and bought Big Girl her first Big Kid Bike yesterday. This afternoon we got it back from the shop, assembled but minus the seat post adjustments. Mama took care of that this afternoon, and we just got back from her first test run. Sure is tough riding up hill – heh, heh, heh… I even found some bike gloves sized for little people; so we don’t have knee guards, but we do have a helmet and gloves. Somebody even talked me into a horn, which was carefully tested on the drive home from the shop. Works great. My hearing should recover in another day or two.

The hoodie is coming along; I have the body completed to the neck/raglan seams and sleeve #1 is 2/3 done. I think it’ll be finished by August. I might *gasp* even make one for myself. I’m trying to decide how this guy would look in multicolored sari silk on a black background.


2 thoughts on “Went shopping today

  1. My middle son is getting his first real bike this year, we’re really looking forward to all of them being able to ride fast enough to do short family trips.

  2. How could you not succumb to the KH sale? I did go a little crazy and I ended up telling the husband how much I spent…he said “ok, that means I can get another tattoo huh?”

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