Projects for the road

I have the worst time choosing projects for a trip. It’s even worse if the trip involves *shudder* airplane travel. I think there’ll be at least one sock project this time; I’d like to have a set of pretty anklets, like the kind that preschoolers wear at family events. The ones that are caked with mud, along with their pretty, formerly shiny shoes, by the end of the afternoon/evening. I’m probably going to try to make something up…

There will be at least one spinning project coming along too. I’m halfway through the 2 oz. bag of baby alpaca from Taos – normally it’s my project for dance class, but I’ve been actually talking to other parents and it’s distracted me. So I’ll be taking the rest of the bag and my Bosworth Mini along. I might try to take a bigger spindle, but I’m a)not sure if I’ll be allowed to carry it on, and b)will not be packing them in a checked bag.

I think I’ll try to sneak out some yarn for my niece. We bought her a loom for her birthday a year or two ago, but she couldn’t start it on her own, and the only one who could reasonably help her lives 2000 miles away. So, if it hasn’t been thrown away by now, we’ll be warping it up over our visit.

Oh, and if anybody knows what we can or can’t take along on the plane, don’t be shy. I’m guessing that anything we actually might need on our trip isn’t allowed anymore…


3 thoughts on “Projects for the road

  1. You know, I’m about to take a trip as well and haven’t the slightest clue what we can or can’t take. Well, except scissors. You can take scissors with blades smaller than 4″, mine are 3″. 😀 I imagine they prefer wooden or plastic needles to metal ones. Which is why I’m taking my Thelonious sock as my airplane knitting. Though there will be other projects stashed with me. Actually, the airplane travel excites me as I’ll be allowed several hours to knit without little ones interrupting.

  2. Good luck! You can bring one quart sized bag with everything that is at all liquid (toothpaste, etc.) on the plane. Other stuff you need to check. I just went to Portland and brought two socks, one on wooden dpns and one on metal circs, and I had no problems with either. And I even went through the Medford, OR double security!

  3. Hope this isn’t too late… I think your spindle should be allowed as a carry on (of course I am biased). I once heard that you should take a self-addressed stamped envelope with you for anything you think they might not let on the plane. then you can just mail it to yourself. (if you can find a mailbox in an airport these days). I flew recently with wooden needles (size 1 DPN’s.. the ones that look like weapons) as well as addis. I also take a thread cutter pendant, but put it in with my change.

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