Big Bottles of Vinegar and You

Ah, yes. Last weekend was Easter for our non-Orthodox Christian friends, so this would mean it’s time for the obligatory “what the hell do you do with the leftover Easter egg dye anyway?” post.

In our case, we decided to throw in color tablets at random after dyeing eggs. Usually the only things Easter means at our house are 1) pretty colored chicken eggs and 2) a ton of chocolate, preferably in a cool basket. So, we had a little dye left over after boiling up and dyeing a half-dozen eggs; roughly the attention span of a 5-year-old and her mother.

I approached it the same way we do powdered drink mix dyes. First, put the powder/tablet into 3 scientifically measured shots of white vinegar into a glass bowl. Then, when the reaction has stopped (this usually involves fizzing), add an equal part of water and your yarn. We then placed the stuff, covered in plastic wrap, into the microwave. Set the nuclear device for 30 min. at 20% power. Walk away until the buzzer sounds. Take it out of the device, wait until the plastic wrap has both deflated and cooled enough to be handled, and look at the remaining water. If it’s clear, you’re almost done. If not, you need to let it sit for a while. I had to let one of the skeins soak overnight, but it was worth it. Finally, rinse in coolish water with just a touch of detergent. If you don’t have rock-hard water, as we do, regular soap is just fine. Make sure that the water rinses clear, then squeeze carefully and hang to dry.

Tomorrow…what the skeins look like, and what I intend to do with them.
This is one of the pink skeins I dyed earlier, overdyed with some red. Big Girl loves it, but the color didn’t change too much.
This is a handful of laceweight wool, dyed with Denim, Teal and Blue egg dye. Here you also can see our dye “helper”.
eegg_absinth.jpgThis one is reminiscent of a certain green-ish beverage, which is illegal to purchase in the US (but oddly, not to consume). Sorry about the picture quality; somebody’s fountain toy started up while taking this.


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