The Mexican Dress

This dress is absolutely amazing. It brings back a few memories too. I’m not a Latina in any way, shape or form, although I’ve been mistaken for one many times. Sit back – there’s a story coming on…

I worked for a while in a Sacramento, CA elementary school. One of the highlights of our academic year was “International Day”, where kids and teachers alike wore costumes reflecting their heritage. For the half-dozen or so “white kids” in the school, they could, um, borrow a culture and dress that way for the school parade. One of the teachers was a proud first generation Mexican-American. C was very much in touch with her heritage. On International Day, she broke out one of these same dresses. It was black cotton and had some blindingly bright embroidery. Her mom had made it for her.

I might try at least sewing and embroidering one of these myself.


3 thoughts on “The Mexican Dress

  1. That’s pretty awesome. I suck at embroidery, but I can sew pretty well. The lines of the dress are definitely in style right now. If you make one I want to see!

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous. I recall wearing some pretty awesome Portuguese and Romanian blouse that really do remind me of the embroidery work in that dress. Beautiful.

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