Pretty Pink Bats

That’s what I’m working on for Big Girl’s new sweater-ish thing. It’s going to be a T-shirt, out of this:
She’s about a size 6/6x, so I may use all 9 balls. I think I’ll have enough.

I’m taking a stab at designing this myself. I know it’ll have short sleeves, maybe even cap sleeves, and a lace border on the bottom. Apart from that, I have no idea what I’ll be doing. Now I’m off to chase down my little darling with a tape measure.


2 thoughts on “Pretty Pink Bats

  1. My babes love to be measured. They stand there and grin at me as I size them up and say things like “Head straight, don’t slouch!” lol

    Oh, and about the vacation, I’m so glad that none of my family/non-knitting friends read my blog. lol

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